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Founded in 2018 by Lee-ann Pierre in Trinidad and Tobago, and accredited by the CPD Group in the UK, 21st Century Educators stands at the forefront of advancing learning and development across the Caribbean. Our mission is to equip professionals, including educators and corporate trainers, with cutting-edge skills and wellness practices, ensuring they excel in modern environments.


Our diverse programmes are tailored to integrate technology across learning environments, offer comprehensive training in innovative methodologies, and promote health and wellness in professional settings. These initiatives are rooted in our core values of innovation, holistic development, and a steadfast passion for excellence in education and professional development.

Thanks to significant partnerships locally and internationally, we have broadened our influence, positively impacting individuals from early childhood educators to corporate leaders. These collaborations, along with our proven track record of success, underline our commitment to elevating professional standards across sectors.

Looking to the future, we are excited about expanding our digital resources and further enhancing our impact, continuing to transform professional learning and development throughout the region.

About us

21st Century Educators is a passionate, trusted source of resources and training for dedicated educators. We are committed to transforming the education system in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean Region. Through our accredited professional learning services, we empower our Caribbean educators of all levels, to personalise their learning journey and acquire and apply the knowledge, attitudes, and skills needed to cause their students to thrive. We focus on pedagogy, technology and health and wellness. Founded in 2018, by Lee-ann Pierre, a dedicated and innovative educator with over twenty years of experience, 21st Century Educators' "freemium model" allows all educators to grow and impact our future leaders.

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Curriculum and Events Specialist

Discover a world of transformative teaching at 21st Century Educators! Are you an educator eager to revolutionize your teaching approach? Do you aim to craft engaging, interactive e-learning experiences that captivate and motivate your students? Your search ends here.
21st Century Educators is dedicated to offering cutting-edge professional development resources tailored to today's educational needs. Our platform features interactive workshops, insightful webinars, and a plethora of tools, all designed to refine your teaching skills and revolutionize the classroom experience. Explore our website for a taste of innovation in education, and don't hesitate to reach out for more details on how we can support your journey towards teaching excellence.

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